Co-founder & Consultant

"Before Facebook, I studied materials engineering and business at MIT and co-founded a startup that made color-changing roofs. I worked at Bain & Company focusing on tech clients, and also spent six months at a venture capital startup.

At Facebook, I worked on search engine optimization, drove a redesign of our unowned places pages, and built advertising measurement products. I love the pace of learning, degree of independence and openness of my team. Just when I think I'm comfortable on a project, it's time to switch again and keep learning. I feel like I have the independence to lead my team to be successful while also having mentors and coaches to help me through harder spots. Getting to work with such talented, smart and supportive teammates makes me excited to come to work every day.

Fun fact: I’m a certified Zumba instructor and occasionally co-teach the Zumba class at the Facebook gym!"

— Lauren Vegter, 2014 RPM